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Pyrenees Triathlon

Any registration for the 2023 Pyrenees Triathlon events implies the tacit acceptance of the following rules:


1 - Event


A timed mountain triathlon, which largely uses mountain roads and paved trails. The distance of the Triathlon des Pyrénées events varies between the L distance and the M and S distance. There will also be a Tri Kids for 6-9 and 10-13 year olds. 

The events will take place in a single stage, at free pace, in a limited time and coupled with strict time barriers.





















A shuttle is planned to take you to the start. 


Mandatory: you must drop off your bike the day before the race, i.e. Friday evening for distance L and Saturday evening for distance M. 


The morning of the race the shuttle will take you to the starting point, before you will have left your belongings in the T2 transition area.


We provide bib collection with T1 + T2 gear bags which must be used for transitions and following T1 all the bags of all the runners will be taken down to St Lary and will be collected at the end of the race next to the Saint Lary bike park.

2 - Attendance


The Pyrenees Triathlon is open to anyone, licensed or not, whose minimum age depends on the event chosen.





3 - Triathlon in Semi-Self-Sufficiency


The principle of individual race in semi self-sufficiency is the rule adopted for the events of the Triathlon des Pyrénées. On the course, refreshment areas are supplied with drinks and food.


Each runner must ensure that he has, at the start of each refueling zone, the quantity of water and food that he needs to reach the next refueling point. No assistance is authorized on the course by a person other than a competitor regularly registered in the race.


 4 - Registration conditions


Very good training and a real capacity for personal autonomy are essential to the success of such an individual adventure. To register for the Triathlon des Pyrénées, it is strongly recommended to have already completed at least:

  • For the Pyrenees Triathlon Distance L: A Triathlon L without elevation. 

  • For the Pyrenees Distance M Triathlon: An M Triathlon with no elevation gain.



5 - Acceptance of the Rules and Ethics


Participation in the Triathlon des Pyrénées de facto entails unreserved acceptance of these rules and the ethical charter of the race, which can be consulted before finalizing your registration.

Each runner must have a container dedicated exclusively to the collection of waste throughout his race.

Any runner caught knowingly throwing rubbish on the course will be disqualified.

All registrants undertake to take the routes marked out by the organization in their entirety without cutting. Failure to comply with this directive will result in disqualification of the runner.

Garbage cans are placed in large numbers in each refueling area and must imperatively be used for selective sorting of waste by the organisation.

Participants must strictly respect the rules for visiting the following sites that the Pyrenees Triathlon routes use.


6 - Maximum number of participants per race


Max number of runners 300 on each distance. 


7 - Registrations


7.1 - Registration fees to participate in the Triathlon des Pyrénées events.

Registrations can only be made online from the Triathlon des Pyrénées website.


Payments are also made online from a secure banking platform. Registration closed for the Triathlons no later than June 8, 2023 (subject to the remaining availability of bibs).


Distance L —-> 150 euros (plus competition pass for non-licensees)

Distance M —->  65 euros (plus competition pass for non-licensees)

Distance S —-> 35 euros (plus competition pass for non-licensees) 

Kids —-> 5 euros (plus competition pass for non-licensees)


7.2 Medical Certificate


To finalize their registration, each participant of the events MUST join online (at the time of registration) or deposit in their member account (possible until June 8, 2023)

  • Either his medical certificate dated less than a year on the day of the race 

  • Either a copy of his license certificate (FFTRI)

To be valid, the medical certificate must include the mention of "no contraindication to the practice of triathlon in competition"

No bib will be issued if the valid medical certificate has not been validated by the organizer.


In case of forgetfulness, the registered runner must present it directly to the withdrawal of the bibs at the "dispute stand" on the day of the race on the Village of withdrawal of the bibs


8 - Cancellation guarantee for Triathlon registrations


All commitments are firm and final and cannot be refunded or transferred for any reason whatsoever unless you subscribe to the cancellation pack.

No reimbursement will be made, even the cancellation guarantee subscribed from 3 days before the race.


Any person retroceding his bib to a third person will be recognized as solely responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event, the organization declining all responsibility in the face of this type of situation.


 9 - Equipment for the Pyrenees Triathlon


The use of MP3 players and other media for listening to music is strictly prohibited by the organization.

The wetsuit and or the hood for the swimming part may be mandatory depending on the temperature of the lake. It is preferable to have your equipment on the day of the race because this information will only be given at the time of departure by the federal body.


10 - Bibs


Each runner must present a photo ID when collecting the bib envelope, in return for which they will be given their bib accompanied by a tattoo, a weight loss bag and labels for the transition bags. .


The bib must be worn on the chest or on the stomach and must be visible at all times while running and on the back on the bike part. It must therefore always be positioned above any clothing and cannot under any circumstances be fixed elsewhere. The name and logo of the partners must not be modified or hidden.

The timing bracelet must be worn at ankle level at all times throughout the event. The wristband is the necessary pass to access the shuttles, buses, refreshment area, toilets and drop-off and bag collection areas.


11 - Timing


Timing will be carried out using a system of chips to be placed on the left ankle. All registrants will be given a bib with a seatpost and a tattoo. Timing mats will be installed at the various points of the course. A competitor not covering the entire distance cannot be classified at the finish. The runner undertakes on his honor not to anticipate the start and to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line.

The runner cannot be timed in the following cases:

• not wearing the chip

• loss of the chip

• chip degradation

 non-compliant chip port


To track “elite” runners, the Organizer reserves the right to provide a geolocation beacon. This beacon must be worn by the runner throughout the duration of the event (cycling + running) according to the instructions of the Organization. The use of these beacons may be used to locate the runner in real time and to authenticate the result, by verifying in particular that the runner has completed the course in its entirety.


12 - Security and medical assistance


On the parts of the route using public roads, each participant must comply with the highway code and will be solely responsible for any breach of these rules.

Flaggers are present at strategic points on the course to ensure the safety of runners. Each participant must comply with the instructions given by the marshals.

A first aid station is located at each refueling point. These stations are in telephone connection with the PC of the race. A medical regulation team is present throughout the duration of the event at the race headquarters.

The first aid stations are intended to provide assistance to any person in danger with the means specific to the organization or agreed upon. The official first aiders (head of post) are empowered to disqualify (by invalidating the bib) any competitor who is unfit to continue the event. Rescuers are empowered to evacuate by any means at their convenience the riders they deem to be in danger.


If necessary, for reasons always in the interest of the rescued person, the fire brigade will be called in, at which time the operations management will implement all appropriate means.

The costs resulting from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person who will also have to ensure his return from the point where he will have been evacuated. She can then submit a file to her personal accident insurance.

Any runner calling on a doctor or a first-aider submits to their authority and undertakes to accept their decisions.


13 - Physiotherapists and Osteopaths


Physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropodists will be present at or near the finish area to provide assistance to runners after their arrival. Access to care is only possible for runners wearing a bib.

Access to care and its nature are left to the discretion of the care staff, in particular depending on the number of people.


14 - Maximum Authorized Time and Time Barriers


A "finisher" is considered to be the runner who completes the entire course within the maximum time allowed.

The time limit is as follows:

- Distance L: 12H00 of race

  • Exit Park at T1: 1H30 of race

  • Park exit at T2: 8 hours of racing


- Distance M: 06H00 of race

  • Park exit at T1: 1 hour of racing 

  • Park exit at T2: 4 hours of racing


No barrier on the S

  Finisher Medal Times: 

  Diamond: - 4:30

  • Gold: 4:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

  • Silver: 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. 

  • Bronze: 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. 

  • Christmas tree: + 6H30


The departure time limits (time barriers) of the refueling zones will be defined and communicated in the road book.


These time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish in the maximum time imposed, while making any stops (rest, treatment, etc.). To be authorized to continue the event, competitors must leave the refueling zone before the fixed time limit (regardless of the time of arrival at the refueling zone).

Any competitor disqualified and wishing to continue his course can only do so after returning his bib, under his own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

He can then in no way be considered as a “Finisher”.

In the event of bad weather conditions and/or for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to cancel and/or stop the current event, or even to modify the time barriers in liaison with the prefectures concerned.


15 - Refueling zones


Only runners wearing a visible bib have access to the refueling zones. The road book will identify the precise list of refueling points. The refueling points are supplied with drinks and/or food to be consumed on site and with still water to fill your pocket or water bottle.


16 - Showers


It is possible for the participants of the Triathlon des Pyrénées (“Finisher” or not) to take a shower. Separate men's and women's changing rooms will be set up.


17 - Abandonment and repatriation


Unless injured, a rider must not abandon anywhere other than a refueling zone. He must then inform the person in charge of the zone who recovers the bib and the chip of the abandoning runner. The runner keeps his bracelet because it is his pass to access the shuttles, buses, supplies, treatment rooms...

A runner who has abandoned must systematically and obligatorily notify the race PC (by telephone or by SMS to the special number indicated on the road book and on the bib).

Repatriation will be decided with the head of post according to the following general rules:

• Buses are available from the towns indicated on the road book to repatriate runners who have abandoned to the finish area.

• Runners who abandon at another aid station but whose state of health does not require evacuation must return as quickly as possible and by their own means to the nearest repatriation point. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions justifying the partial or total stoppage of the race, the organization ensures the repatriation as soon as possible of the arrested runners.


 • In the event of abandonment before a refueling point and backtracking, during the meeting with the queue-runners, they will recover the bib and the chip. The runner will then no longer be under the control of the organization. He must then notify the race headquarters by any means of his safe return (by phone or by SMS to the special number indicated on the road book).



18 - Penalty and Disqualification

Controllers on the course are authorized to check compliance with the rules (identity of runners, respect of sites, ethics, illicit assistance or accompaniment, bib not permanently visible on the front...).

Time penalties will be awarded by the controllers to runners whose mandatory equipment is missing, according to the summary table below:


Compulsory Equipment Distance L Distance M

Non respect of Drafting 5 min

Waste throw 5 min

Disrespect for volunteers 3 min

Music or phone 3 min

Not wearing a helmet DISQUALIFICATION


A maximum penalty of half an hour is applied for any other violation of the rules. The controller informs his head of post and/or the race PC and may request, depending on the seriousness of the act and the behavior of the runner, the disqualification of the competitor.

The organization may pronounce the disqualification of a competitor for any serious breach of the rules, in particular in the event of:

• wearing of the non-compliant bib

• not wearing the bracelet

• failure to respect the route marked out by the Organization

• non-compliance with the instructions given by the flaggers

• non-compliance with the highway code on the parts of the route using public roads

• non-compliance with the instructions given by the checkpoint

• use of a means of transport

• departure from a refueling zone beyond the time limit

• failure to assist a competitor in difficulty

• personal assistance outside the official supply zones

• failure to respect the ban on being accompanied on the course

• pollution or degradation of the sites by the competitor or a member of his entourage,

• insults, rudeness or threats made against any member of the organization and any volunteer,

• refusal to be examined by a doctor from the organization at any time during the event,

  • doping or refusal to submit to doping control.


19 - Complaints

They are admissible in writing within 72 hours after the posting of the provisional results on the event website.


20 - Anti-Doping Control


Any competitor may be subject to doping control during or at the finish of the triathlon. Refusal to submit results in immediate disqualification. Any positive test will lead to lifetime exclusion from events organized by T2S and the Sports Natures des Pyrénées association.


21 - Changes to the route or time barriers / Cancellation of the Race


The organization reserves the right to modify the route and the locations of the aid and refreshment stations at any time, without notice.

In the event of too unfavorable weather conditions (strong depression with significant amounts of rain and snow, strong risk of storms, etc.), the start may be postponed for a maximum of two hours, beyond which the race is cancelled.

For the Swimming part: If the organizers deem the water temperature too cold, the 1900m Swimming will be replaced by a Running start.

In the event of bad weather conditions, and for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to cancel and/or stop the current event, or even modify the time barriers. The cancellation, postponement or modification of the race does not give rise to any registration refund.

Any decision will be taken by a jury comprising at least the race director, the organizer and the coordinator responsible for safety as well as any competent person at the discretion of the President of the Organizing Committee.


22 - Insurance


Civil liability: in accordance with the law, the organizers have taken out insurance covering the consequences of their civil liability, that of their employees and of all the participants in the Triathlon des Pyrénées. Proof can be provided to any participant who requests it. (Art. L331-9 and following of the Sport Code, Art. A331-24 and A. 331-25 of the Sport Code). The organization declines all responsibility in case of injury in public, private monuments and technical parts of the route.

Participants are strongly advised to take out individual accident insurance, guaranteeing the payment of capital in the event of bodily injury (death or permanent disability) due to an accident occurring on the course of the race.

The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of damage (theft, breakage, loss, etc.) suffered by the personal property of the participants, even if it is in his custody. The participants cannot therefore turn against the organizer for any damage caused to their equipment.

Taking out insurance covering these risks is everyone's responsibility.



23 - Road Book

A detailed description of the route will be displayed when the bibs are handed over. The runner's booklet will be sent to participants at the latest one week before. It includes practical information such as time limits for passage, refreshment points, first-aid stations, care stations, as well as access points for accompanying persons.


24 - Ranking and Awards


Only runners crossing the finish line will be ranked. All “Finisher” runners will receive a specific endowment according to their finish time. “Finisher” means all participants reaching the finish line before the final time barrier.

A general classification for men and women and a classification for each category for men and women will be established.

Based on the official time, the official ceremony will reward the first 5 men and the first 5 women of the provisional general classification.

Riders wishing to potentially be rewarded at the award ceremony must be present.


25 - Prize Money


1st ---> 1000 euro

2nd --> 800 euros

3rd --> 500 euros



26- Image rights


By participating in the Triathlon des Pyrénées, each competitor expressly authorizes the organization (or its assignees) to use, cause to be used, reproduce or cause to be reproduced his name, his image, his voice and his sporting performance with a view to any direct exploitation or under derived form of the print and this, on any medium, worldwide, by any means known or unknown to date, and for the entire duration of protection currently granted to these direct or derived uses by legislative or regulatory provisions , the judicial and/or arbitral decisions of any country as well as by current or future international conventions, including for any extensions that may be made to this duration.

28- The CNIL

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, amended by Law No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, relating to data processing, subscribers have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning them. . Through the organiser, they may receive proposals from other companies or associations. Any refusal must be notified to us by post at the Association's headquarters, indicating surname, first name and address.

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