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The event

Triathlon des Pyrenees
The advantages of the triathlon  Pyrenees

Swimming at an altitude of 1,139 m!

A bike route  exceptional!

A race where everything is  possible  !

A challenge  personal first!

An arrival in the heart of the village of St Lary Soulan

A Finisher challenge! 

This test is unlike any other. Its distances, its landscapes, its routes in the heart of the Pyrenees and the Aure Valley will surprise the participants who come to challenge this event.
The grandiose scenery and the difficulty of the course will forge the reputation of the Triathlon de Pyrénées, an essential experience for all triathletes in search of authenticity.

But also a personal challenge, come and surpass yourself to go  look for  the  better  possible finisher medal! 

The passage through the col d'Aspin or the Col du Portetwill bring authenticity to this race!
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