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Locate St Lary Soulan:  

The city of St Lary is in the South of France it is  located in the Pyrenees. 

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How to come to St Lary Soulan:  

Coming by Car:  

  •   Toulouse - 2H 

  • Bordeaux - 3H30

  • Montpellier - 4H  


Coming by Plane:  

  • Airport  International  from Tarbes-Lourdes (80 Km) 

  • Pau-Uzein airport (100 km)

  • Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (150 km)


Come by the  Train  :  

  • TGV Atlantique Paris / Tarbes, with correspondence for Saint-Lary by SNCF coach.  

You can also find all the information on the website of the tourist office of Saint Lary in  clicking  here .  

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Rendez-vous sur le site de loffice du tourisme pour trouver votre logement pour le triathlon

or park in St Lary Soulan:  

park its  Car :  

  •   Two parking lots will be at your disposal.  

  • The first is closest to the Village of the  race , finish  as well as the T2 Bike Park  (P = Parking / V  = Village / To = Arrival / PV =  Park  by bike).

  • The second is located a few meters further but it allows  to welcome  more than  competitors.

  • Please respect these parking areas to ensure the  Well  course of the race as well as the  course of village life.  


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or take the shuttlein St Lary Soulan:  

Departure of Shuttles: 

  •   The shuttle departures will take place not far from the Bike Park. The buses will be placed avenue des thermes.   


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